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We're an expert finance broker with an extensive network of flexible lenders, including private investors, family offices, private equity firms and institutional lenders. We bring the market’s most competitive bridging loan rates and property development finance from £26,000 to £250,000,000 for terms of 1 to 36 months. 

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Bridging Loan

Bridging Loans

Get a short-term bridging loan of up to £250m for 1-36 months, with no early repayment charges and fast completion. Our bridging loans are secured on property (residential, semi-commercial, or commercial) and land, which can be used for any purpose. They are non-status, meaning bad credit or no credit isn't a problem. Our lending panel includes niche private investors and family offices, enabling us to source the right finance at the best rates for even the most challenging circumstances. 

Development Finance

Development Finance

We arrange property development finance (property development loans) for experienced and first-time property developers. Our development finance can be used at any stage of your development project. It can finance your land purchase, site clearance, construction, or marketing costs for residential, commercial, or semi-commercial (mixed-use) schemes. Fund your new-build ground-up development, property renovation, change of use, conversion or cash-out equity of an existing development.


Do you need to refinance?

Bridging Refinance and Development Refinance are short-term finance facilities that enable you to finish your project, sell an asset, or arrange long-term finance.

A refinance of a bridging loan or development finance gives you a new facility to repay your existing one. This new loan gives you the benefit of the following:

  • achieving better terms (known as Term refinancing)
  • unlocking additional finance (known as Cash-out refinancing)
  • locking in a better rate (known as Rate refinancing)
  • remove concerns about missing your exit strategy
  • remove conflict or concern of repossession.

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Bridge Loans For Residential, Commercial and Land:
Flexible Financing Solutions for Property and Business Needs

Our bridging finance solutions offer high-value, short-term, fast, flexible financing for real estate, refinancing or business.

Residential Bridging Loan

Residential Bridging Loan

A residential property bridging loan is fast, flexible bridging finance for property purchases. Buy-to-lets, HMOs, properties with short leases, property flips, investment purchases can all be financed, as can fixing chain breaks or mortgage delays, and refinancing an existing property loan. These loans require residential property or a group of properties as security.

Commercial Bridging Loan

Commercial Bridging Loan

A commercial bridging loan is high-value short-term finance used to buy or refinance commercial property or semi-commercial property, finance renovation, conversion or refurbishment projects. Commercial bridges are also used in business to raise capital for resolving cash flow issues, investing in plant, machinery or stock, fund an expansion, or pay urgent bills. It's secured on commercial or semi commercial property.

Land Bridging Loan

Land Bridging

A Land Bridging Loan is a fast financing solution for purchasing land, with or without planning. It enables investors, developers and speculators seize time-critical land opportunities, such as: purchasing Residential land, Commercial land, Agricultural land (pasture and arable) and Development land (including Greenfield and Brownfield sites, garden plots, ransom strips, woodland and carparks).

Business Finance


We help UK SMEs access the funds for a multitude of purposes from cashflow, stock, expansion, or to facilitate a new opportunity. We're experts in urgent, specialist business finance securing the right deal so business owners achieve their goals. Whether its bridging or development finance, second charges, asset or invoice finance we can help.

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