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We're an expert finance broker with an extensive network of flexible lenders including private investors, family offices, private equity firms and institutional lenders. We bring the market’s most competitive bridging loan rates, and property development finance from £26,000 to £250,000,000 for terms of 1 to 24 months. 

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Bridging Loan

Bridging loans are a type of short-term finance that's typically borrowed in order to bridge a gap in financing. It's also known as a 'bridge loan' or 'bridging finance' in the UK. 

It can be used for almost any purpose, It's usually used to finance a property transaction, such as purchasing an investment property or a home.

Whilst it can be secured against different types of assets, a bridging loan is typically secured against one or more properties.

As a typical guide, our bridging loan interest rates start from 0.44% per month. Our bridging loans are available to both companies and individuals. It can often be secured quicker than other forms of finance and without the rigorous credit checks. 

Development Finance

The primary difference between development finance and a bridging loan is that a bridging loan is drawn down in a single transaction and as such the borrower pays the full interest on the whole sum from that moment until the loan is repaid, whereas development finance is not.

Development finance is drawn down in tranches, or stages, ensuring that the developer is only ever drawing the funds as they require them for cash flowing the construction. This ensures that only the absolute minimum is borrowed at any one time and as such that also means the amount of interest owed on the loan is kept to its absolute minimum, ensuring maximum development profitability.

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