100% Bridging Loans

100% LTV Bridging Loan

By combining the equity available in multiple properties that you own we're able to arrange bridging loans up to 100% LTV. Please note, this is only available where you own multiple properties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


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100% Bridging Loan Lending Criteria

Loan to value (LTV) Up to 100% 
Loan term 1 to 24 months
Loan amount £26,000 up to £25m
Interest options Rolled-up, retained or serviced
Interest rates From 0.44%
Decision Immediate decision in principle
Completion 3 days to 2 weeks
Early repayment fees None
Availability Secured on assets in UK
Individuals, Companies, SPVs
No credit & adverse credit considered
Exit strategy Sale or refinance

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When can I achieve a 100% LTV bridging loan?

Scenario 1: Securing the loan against additional properties

Securing a loan against multiple properties is common for investors, however there comes additional fees in loans that are more complex, such as multiple valuations being required in addition to multiple charges being taken out.

Scenario 2: Purchasing property below the current market value

There may be a number of reasons where you've an opportunity to purchase a property that is below the current market value. These include:

  • purchasing the property from family or close friends
  • purchasing the property after probate
  • purchasing the property at auction
  • purchasing from a distressed seller (someone who needs to sell quickly)

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