How much does renovation increase property values?

By Sam Covington | Friday 22nd October 2021 | 1 minute read

With more and more people renovating properties in the UK, there is growing data on how much value a particular type of renovation can add. We've uncovered some of the most popular refurbishments in the UK and also identified how much value they can add to your property. 

A simple renovation, such as a full re-decoration, can increase the value of a property by 3.1%. A heavy refurbishment such as an extension build can add up to 11.2%. On an average priced house in the UK of £256,000, a re-decoration could add £7,936, while an extension could add up to £28,672. 

With refurbishment loans quickly unlocking short-term finance, there are options available to allow you to quickly add value to your property. 



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