Bridging Loan Calculator

Use our bridging loan calculator to find out how much your loan might cost. This calculator should only be used as an indicative guide for a bridging loan as it only shows average rates & fees.

If you'd like an accurate loan proposal and for more information please arrange a call, contact us at or call 01202 612934.

Bridging Loan Calculator

  • Bridging Loan Calculator
  • Bridging Loan Calculator
Bridging Loan Calculator
  1. Loan amount required

    The loan amount required is also known as the total 'net' loan amount that you want to borrow.

    This is the amount you are expecting to receive before interest or any other charges have been added.

  2. Loan term

    This is the number of months that you'd like the loan for.

  3. Properties used as security

    Please enter the number of properties that you'd like to use as security for the loan.

  4. Property 1: Value

    The current market value of the property being used as security.

  5. Property 1: Mortgage balance

    If you have any mortgages or other secured loans on this property please total the outstanding value here. Note: We only need to know the total loan existing balance that will still be outstanding upon receipt of the bridging loan, so if you're intending to take a bridging loan to consolidate those other mortgages etc then the balance outstanding upon receipt of the bridging loan would be 0.

  6. Interest rolled up or paid monthly?

    Rolled up interest means the interest is charged at the end of each month and then added to the loan balance. Another term for this is compounded monthly interest. This is the normal interest charging method for bridging loans. It's then paid when the loan is redeemed.

    Pay monthly means that the interest is charged and paid at the end of each month. Another term for this is serviced interest. It's not added to the loan facility.

Your Loan Example

Net loan amount -

Loan amount required before interest, fees or any other costs have been added.

Broker fees (2%)-

Calculated as a percentage of the net loan amount. Amount of broker fee is illustrated, and the percentage charged is shown in brackets.

Lender facility fee (0.5%) -

Calculated as a percentage of the net loan amount. Amount of facility fee is illustrated, and the percentage charged is shown in brackets.

Net loan including fees -

This is the net loan amount plus fees.

Monthly interest rate -

Monthly rate of interest charged on the loan facility.

Average monthly interest -

This is the average monthly amount of interest charged based on the full term of the loan. Interest is calculated on the loan balance each month and then added to the facility.

Interest if the loan runs the full term -

This is the total amount of interest that will be charged if the loan is cleared at the end of its term.

Loan to value (LTV) -

This is calculated using the loan amount plus any mortgages left in place, and the total value of the properties used as security.

Other fees

These fees are incorporated into 'Net loan including fees' shown above.

Valuation fees -

This is the estimated cost if a full valuation is required on the properties offered as security. This figure maybe reduced if a desktop, drive by or existing valuation is sufficient for the lender.

Lenders administration fee -

Most lenders charge administration fees, the amount of which can vary. The fee shown is for a typical plan.

Estimated lender legal costs -

Borrowers are required to pay all legal fees incurred in relation to arranging their loan.


Lenders are charged a CHAPS fee for sending the proceeds of the loan to their solicitor. They claim this charge back from the borrower.

Loan settlement

Redemption administration fee -

Lenders charge an admin fee to remove their charge over the property when a loan is repaid.

Exit fee (0%) -

Some loan plans have exit fees. Almost all of our loans do not.

Redemption amount at full term -

This is the estimated amount required to repay the loan if it runs the full term.

How can I get an instant online bridging loan quote?

Our bridging calculator provides an overview of approximate costs related to bridging loans. No personal details are required for receiving the instant calculations but if you do wish to obtain a formal quote proposal then also complete your contact information, arrange a call or call us on 01202 612934 for immediate attention.

What is a bridge loan calculator?

A bridge loan calculator is an online tool that will help you to work out which deal may be best suited to your needs. By entering in the required information, such as interest rate, fees and term period then you will be provided with a total bridging loan amount.

How do you use a bridging finance calculator?

Let's take a look at how a bridging loan is calculated and share some tips when using this calculator on Finbri.

When looking for a bridging loan its important to understand what types of things may affect your overall cost.

These include fees, interest rates and other costs associated with the loan. With this in mind it can help to use a bridging loan calculator as it can also show you how the cost of the loan is broken down and what to expect.

What types of calculator are there?

There are two types of bridging loan calculator, each with their own pros and cons:

  • A generic calculator - doesn't require you to input your personal information to obtain an approximate cost of a bridging finance, so its often very quick to complete but it isn't tailored to your individual circumstances so can only be used for indicative costs; or
  • A specific calculator - tailored to your individual circumstances so able to obtain live quotes from one of more lenders, but requires you to input all your personal information to obtain a loan quote so is more time intensive. These specific calculators are typically powered only by high street banks which means they're unlikely to search the whole of market for the best rates and unlikely to be able to accept complex borrowing requirements. Often when a specific calculator is used the borrower will still be required to complete a phone conversation with the lender to obtain an accurate loan proposal.

So which is the better calculator to use?

The most compelling loan proposal for a lender to receive is one that clearly shows its strengths enabling that lender to quickly understand its value. A online bridging loan calculator is a good way to get indicative costings but where you have unusual, complex or niche loan requirements or where your circumstances are urgent its advised that you reach out to a specialist broker to help you package your requirements in a way that lenders want to lend against.

How do I use the bridging loan calculator?

It's pretty straight forward. For this calculator fill out the following box with the correct details, there are useful help tips on each if you're unsure what each box requires - just hover over the question marks to reveal the help tips if you're on a desktop device or on a mobile tap the question mark icons. Lastly, press 'calculate' and you can immediately get results.

Will I need to pay for my bridging finance quote?

No, it's unusual to charge a fee for obtaining an initial indicative bridge loan proposal which is sometimes referred to as a Decision in Principle (DiP), Offer in Principle (OiP) or Agreement in Principle (AiP). However, many brokers do charge an upfront fee for proceeding with an application due to the time required for administering the loan. These charges are often waived either if the application is unsuccessful and the broker can't help secure a bridge loan or where the bridge loan completes.

Benefits of using a broker?

By using a broker the potential borrower can access quotes from the whole of market and as brokers have relationships with all types of lenders, including private offices and investors, they can typically achieve the best deal by creating a competitive market and ensuring multiple lenders want to lend on the deal.

What do I need to qualify for a UK bridging loan?

If you are looking for a large bridge loan then the main things that you need in order to be eligible for this type of finance is equity in your property as most lenders prefer to secure the loan against property or land. Without owning property yourself it may be difficult to obtain bridging finance. 

What is the interest rate on bridging finance?

There is no set interest rate for bridging loans and instead it will vary from one lender to another, typically its between 0.5% and 4% per month but its completely dependent on your particular situation hence why we recommend contacting us directly for a tailored free no obligation proposal.

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