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Developer Exit Finance

When you've finished your development but still require finance to complete your exit, we help you leverage its newly realised market value to minimise loan interest charges and maximise profits.

Our development exit finance. also known as developer exit loans, allows you the time to complete the sale of your asset or obtain longer-term financing through traditional mortgaging.

We're able to arrange exit loans within 14 days for loans up to £250m. 
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Developer Exit Lending Criteria

Loan to value (LTV) Up to 75% maximum 
Loan term 1 to 12 months
Loan amount £26,000 up to £250m
Interest options Rolled-up, retained or serviced
Interest rates From 0.44%
Decision Immediate decision in principle
Completion 2 weeks
Early repayment fees None
Availability Secured on assets in UK & Europe
Individuals, Companies, SPVs
No credit & adverse credit considered
Exit strategy Sale or refinance

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Refinance an existing development finance facility

Development exit finance is tailored to residential or commercial development projects which have been delayed and as such running out of time with their existing development finance facility.

These can be used to:

  • Drawdown of funds to finish a development
  • Allow additional time to market and sell the development, in part or in whole once completed

We also arrange Finish & Exit Development Finance when there is no facility remaining in the existing development loan to complete the project.

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Other Terms For Development Exit Finance

Development Exit Finance is also known as 'Sales Period Finance' or 'Developer Exit Finance'.

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