Farm Loans

Agricultural Loan & Financing Specialist

We offer fast, innovative, flexible finance bridging to the UK’s agricultural sector. Our loans, secured on agricultural or residential property and land, are available to any credible business for many purposes.

Our agricultural loans can be used for…

  • Residential and Agricultural Property Refurbishment
  • Residential and Agricultural Property Purchases
  • Refinancing existing borrowing
  • Land Purchase
  • Livestock Purchase
  • Recovery & Restructure
  • Renewable Energy Development 
  • Diversification
  • Generational Transfers
  • Personal Bridging

Commercial ventures always come with a level of uncertainty, but thriving in the farming sector can be a particularly tough. Property maintenance, mechanical breakdowns, unseasonal weather, livestock issues and rapidly changing circumstances throughout the food supply chain are common day to day battles.  

Even farmers and landowners who are primarily focused on agriculture are now justifiably seeking to diversify their revenue sources; be it through investing in renewable energy, change of use, development and hospitality opportunities. 

Short-term financing be make or break for the sector, from farming, agriculture, equestrian to horticultural many businesses success hinges on fast access to funds to help sustain or radically evolve their business model.

Discover more about our Farm Loans by contacting our Farm Bridging Loan Specialists

Farm financing comes in a variety of forms, but one of the most commonly used types of finance is called an agricultural bridging loan. This is a specialist loan which can be used by farmers and landowners to secure swift access to funds in as little as three working days.

These farm loans are extremely flexible and can be used to meet a range of short-term needs.

Take the example of livestock – for farmers wishing to take advantage of a good year, this type of agricultural finance is ideal as it can enable them to upscale the size of their herd at relatively short notice. Similarly, arable farmers needing to invest in new machinery can use agricultural bridging finance to help fund the purchase.

Brexit and Covid19 are also causing disruptions in supply and demand throughout the industry and across society as a whole, meaning desperately needed orders can be cancelled last minute and essential supplies can increase in price without warning, causing cash flow chaos to farmers who may already exist on a financial knife edge. Farm loans can be of huge benefit here, as they can be arranged very quickly, often within 24 hours.

The duration of a farm loan is usually a period of one month to two years, which a certain level of flexibility depending on the borrower’s circumstances. Of course, every farmer’s needs are different and that’s why lenders will create a bespoke package of farm financing which is tailored to their individual situation.

As such, all requests for agricultural bridging loans will be considered on a personalised, case by case basis.

Get expert assistance today. To find out the exact costs of our Agricultural & Farm Loans and to get the ball rolling just click here and complete our Farm Bridging enquiry form - it takes just 3 minutes!

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