Mezzanine financing

We arrange mezzanine financing for high-value or complex property developments up to £250m throughout the UK.

Our mezzanine finance is a niche type of property finance available to ‘top up’ an existing loan on a development. Many UK developers use mezzanine development finance to fund various stages of their projects.

It's no simple task developing a large residential, commercial or mixed use property. If you're a developer, you'll be all too aware of this. As the project proceeds, the number of stakeholders grows, and the financial planning challenges of property development aren't always straightforward to resolve.

Mezzanine financing is a capital resource that sits between (less risky) senior debt and (higher risk) equity that has both debt and equity features. Companies use mezzanine financing to achieve goals that require capital beyond what senior lenders will extend.

So where you already have a primary lender backing your development, mezzanine finance can be a useful alternative to increase your capital.

When you need to finance property development contact us first for a no obligation quote.

Our finance specialists help package up your mezzanine requirements so they achieve the best rates available from our panel of 100+ lenders, family offices & private investors.

When you require mezzanine development finance arrange a call with our experts - we're ready to help.

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