Best 5 property websites for sourcing your next commercial purchase

By Sam Covington | Tuesday 21st March 2023 | 14 minute read

According to new research, commercial properties currently provide higher yields than residential investments - if you're thinking about your next commercial property investment, we've got the top 5 websites worth considering for sourcing your purchase.

Latest figures show the average yield returned when investing in the UK residential sector is currently at 4.1%. Investing in commercial property, on the other hand, yields an average return of 6.5%. Since the pandemic caused significant falls in the sale of commercial properties, 2023 is looking to see this industry recover, making it the perfect time to locate and invest.

Commercial property websites

Commercial property websites provide information about available properties within a specified area. They typically feature listings of commercial properties for sale or lease, detailed descriptions and photos. These sites can also include market data and expert advice, making them invaluable for investors looking to purchase or rent a commercial space.

commercial property website comparison

Commercial property websites Vs. traditional sourcing methods

Commercial property websites offer the ability to quickly search for properties in a specific location or with certain features, such as size, price range, and amenities. Additionally, these websites provide detailed information about each property and can quickly be filtered by what matters most to you as an investor. An important feature we’ve discovered on one of the best commercial property websites is the potential yield percentage range you can expect. 

Another benefit of commercial property websites is comparing different properties side-by-side, making it easier to select the best option for your needs regarding features and price range. Additionally, these websites often offer helpful resources such as market reports and investment opportunities that you may find useful in making your decision.

Traditional methods take more time and effort to find a suitable commercial space, requiring you to visit locations without necessarily having as extensive detail as websites may offer. If you’re sourcing property that hasn’t entered the market, you’ll often have to wait for estate agents to contact you, and the information provided may be incomplete and unfinished - and by this point you may have already missed out to another investor.

We’ve compiled a list of the best commercial property listing websites for sourcing investment opportunities  and we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of each to give you a better understanding of how they work.

The Best 5 Commercial Property Websites


Loopnet Homepage

As the first dedicated commercial property sales website on our list, Loopnet provides the best-advanced search of all the websites listed within our article. Although the design could be cleaner, its focus on the commercial property market and its available functionality give it a spot on our list.

Homepage Pros: 

  • Its advanced search function gives you an extensive range of filters to highlight, such as property types and sub-types, investment and yield percentages, year of build and more. The sheer number of options available compared to other websites within this article showcases how dedicated this site is to commercial property.
  • Unlike other more significant property sites, the location part of the search bar allows you to search not only areas but also neighbourhoods and even properties in that specified location, giving a more precise search.
  • You can also search for local agents, which can be helpful when trying to create future relationships.
  • The homepage has a clean design with a prominent search bar. The website is geared towards commercial property; it also displays trends and news, which could be helpful for potential buyers or investors. 

Homepage Cons:

  • The homepage, while simple, is busy. It could benefit from a more streamlined design for improved ease of use.
  • While the advanced search is there, Loopnet would benefit from making this stand out more as it's slightly hidden in front of the image!

Loopnet search listing

Search Result Pros:

  • The search bar allows you to change parameters such as price and size easily, and the filters open up a comprehensive range of variables to narrow the property search.
  • The results are displayed with listings and a large map with geolocation icons to help identify their locations. 
  • When looking for regions on a map, it does show boundaries which could be helpful in proximity to the other areas at a glance. 
  • If limited properties are available, Loopnet displays some interesting information about the properties in the location searched such as:
  • How many industrial units (or whichever property type was searched) are available for sale in your specified location. 
  • How many property types are currently for sale. 
  • How much the average price is in that area, and what the largest and smallest commercial properties are for sale.
  • It also displays the average cost of a property per sq ft in the area specified in the search. 

Search Result Cons:

  • The search listings are less informative than the other websites listed here and, unfortunately, do need better functionality and design.
  • While the main emphasis is on the map, the website's overall design could benefit from more visual elements highlighting critical information about each property. 
  • This platform only lists roughly half the amount of commercial properties as Zoopla, which could indicate the website is either not as trusted or not as well known as Zoopla. 

Loopnet listing page

Search Listing Pros:

  • The investment highlights section is excellent for easy access to critical information. 
  • Large images are at the top of the page, showcasing the property.
  • Full-screen map view.
  • The property facts section is also helpful as a lot of the property information, such as size and the number of floors, can be seen in one place. 
  • Contact information is easy to find on the website and includes a photo of the person in charge of the sale, making it more personable.

Search Listing Cons:

  • Unlike Rightmove and On The Market, Loopnet does not provide information such as the nearest train station or other travel information. 
  • While the information is there, the website itself isn’t as easy to navigate as other commercial property websites and isn’t as sleek in design.

On The Market (OTM)

On the market homepage

On The Market is already a leader in online residential property sales, but how does it compare in the commercial industry?

This website is clean in design and has some great functionality that can help potential buyers contact agents about properties not currently listed. It can also allow you to provide your details to agents about properties under offer should the sale not complete and the property is re-uploaded. These additional features are absent on other websites, giving OTM a place on our list. Let's have a look in more depth: 

Homepage Pros: 

  • Very easy to use. 
  • Can switch between selling and renting easily.
  • The homepage has a clean and simple design.

Homepage Cons:

  • There isn't the ability to complete an advanced search, limiting a commercial developer or buyer's control over the property types they want to view.

On the market search listing results

Search Result Pros:

  • The overview gives you access to more detailed and extensive search filters such as unit sq ft and additional features such as commercial property type. 
  • The 'ask the agent' button lets you view properties currently valued but not advertised whilst providing details of who to contact about the property. For commercial buyers, finding out about a potential property before it’s placed in the public eye could help investors and developers find a good deal.
  • The 'reserve buyers list' shows you which properties are currently under offer and allows you to give the estate agents your details if the property is to be re-uploaded.
  • The map view lets you easily see the properties' locations. 
  • The 'Create Alert' button saves your current search and sends alerts of similar properties when available. 
  • You can see how long the property has been listed on the website.

Search Result Cons:

  • The filters within the search don't allow for property sub-types, which is a great feature (found on other commercial property websites) for developers to identify precisely the correct type of commercial property.

On The Market Listing Page

Search Listing Pros:

  • Showcases similar properties.
  • An excellent feature detailing how long the property has been listed on the website
  • Offers the option to add 'important places' to each listing.
  • Shows a full screen map of location including street view.
  • Full-screen image option.
  • Easy access to contact information via call-to-action buttons and the sticky column on the right-hand side. 
  • It shows the nearest train stations.
  • The page displays similar properties underneath.

Search Listing Cons:

  • Although the search allows you to filter via min and max sq ft, the actual listing doesn't display the precise sq ft as a mandatory field.


Rightmove commercial property

Rightmove is the leading online property-sourcing website in the UK. With a considerable reputation for residential sales, commercial sales are also becoming part of their expertise. Their familiar interface makes this website easy to use, and the 'What Other People Are Looking For' section may benefit developers as it gives you an idea of what other people are currently searching for in that area.

Let's have a look at Rightmove in more depth. 

Homepage Pros: 

  • The website is easy to use.
  • The main homepage is simple and clean in design.

Homepage Cons:

  • There isn't the ability to complete an advanced search, limiting a commercial developer or buyer's control over the property types they want to view. However, when you click on search, it does bring up another page to add additional details, but it's another step that potentially makes the search process longer. 

Rigtmove Additional Search

Additional Filter Page Pros:

  • The filter page is valuable as it allows you to add details such as sq ft, when the property was added to the site and property type, but there are drawbacks…

Additional Filter Page Cons:

  • Although the additional filter page is a good idea, it may have been easier and more efficient to allow the search filters on the main homepage as an advanced search or on the overview pages. It seems like an unnecessary extra step that could have been merged into another page rather than extending the process.

Rightmove Search Result

Search Result Pros:

  • Rightmove allows you to prioritise the listings via your own entered keywords. With this functionality, developers can find properties based on 'investments' or 'office blocks' or any other keyword that may be beneficial. 
  • The search overview allows you to change the original search and alter filters such as sq ft, property type and subtype, and price. 
  • The map view allows you to quickly see the properties' locations. 
  • One of the great additions to Rightmove's commercial sector is that there is also a list of 'What Other People Are Looking For', which is an excellent way to see what other developers are currently searching for in that area.
  • The 'Create Alert' button saves your current search and instantly sends alerts of similar properties when available. 
  • You can edit the search area by 'drawing a search' on the map view, giving you more flexibility.
  • Contact information is easy to see on each listing. 

Search Result Cons:

  • It's not easy to see the sq ft or other details on listings in the search overview. Icons or visual representations of data such as property type and sq ft would help identify the features of the property much quicker and enable you to scan suitable properties faster. 

Rightmove listing

Search Listing Pros:

  • A section above 'key features' allows for additional information, aided visually with icons. These can include the sq ft, sector, property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the Use Class, which is extremely useful for developers looking to convert commercial into residential property.
  • A 'key features' section outlines the most essential and potentially persuasive details. 
  • There’s a full-screen map option including street view. 
  • The images can be made full screen, including the floor plans. 
  • You can quickly request details via a contact form or the number provided. 
  • The website shows the nearest train stations. 
  • You can also see details about the estate agent and their background. This could be useful in finding and locating the most experienced commercial property agents. 
  • Allows you to add private notes to each property for reference.

Search Listing Cons:

  • Unlike On The Market, Rightmove doesn't display similar properties at the bottom of the page, which is a helpful feature that should be included. 
  • Rightmove doesn't display how long the property has been online, which is a helpful indicator of the viability of the property.


Proplist homepage

Proplist is our second dedicated commercial property website with a good interface and clean and simple design. The map function supersedes that of only websites with easily identifiable icons.

Homepage Pros: 

  • The map feature shows you the number of properties for sale in each area as you zoom in closer. It also uses distinguishable icons for different sectors, making finding the property type you are looking for easier. 
  • The search function allows you to look for estate agents in the area, which is helpful if you know which agents you want to liaise with. 
  • Proplist's homepage has a clean design and simple-to-use functionality.

Homepage Cons:

  • While there is an advanced search option, it's less extensive than others, such as Loopnet.

proplist search list

Search Result Pros:

  • Access to advanced search dialogue box. 
  • The listings are simple, with the price, name of the estate agent, whether it’s available or under offer and contact information. 
  • Access to the map view that uses an icon to represent each property type, such as office or retail. 

Search Result Cons:

  • The information displayed on each listing is less coherent than Zoopla, which always shows the sq ft of the property and the proximity of trains or tubes. Having this information can help you find the right property quicker. 

proplist listing page

Search Listing Pros:

  • Proplist showcases similar properties in the area, which can be an extremely helpful feature for developers. 
  • Large images are at the top of the page, overlaid with contact buttons to make it easier to get more information from the agents.
  • There is a street view and also a map view. 

Search Listing Cons:

  • The listing lacks information, such as train/tube distances and sections, such as investment highlights, as on Loopnet's website.
  • There are no visual elements, such as icons, to help highlight essential information. 
  • The overall look and functionality are very basic.  


Zoopla commercial property page

Zoopla is another prominent player in residential property sales, but their commercial site is perfect for gauging the market, thanks to its practical search function and easy to use website. 

Homepage Pros: 

  • Unlike On The Market and Rightmove, Zoopla's homepage for commercial property sales is more extensive in its search options. It lets you search property type and size without moving onto another page, unlike Rightmove. 
  • Zoopla allows you to search for keywords, which can benefit developers looking for certain phrases in the listings such as ‘industrial unit’ or ‘auction’.
  • An excellent feature of Zoopla's website is the can also 'Browse properties for sale by area' section, displaying the number of properties for sale and the average asking price by region. This function could be handy for potential buyers. 

Homepage Cons:

  • The “advanced search” options are sparse on Zoopla's homepage. If an advanced search is implemented, it should at least follow some of Rightmove's filters, such as property sub-type, which helps narrow down the property type for developers.

Zoopla Results Page

Search Result Pros:

  • The search bar allows you to change filters such as property type and size, but it’s basic.
  • The search overview allows you to change the original search and alter filters such as sq ft, property type and price.
  • You can edit your search via the map view, which also has a great feature that allows you to highlight things such as transport, schools, healthcare, food stores, etc. The feature is something that Rightmove and On The Market have yet to include. 
  • The 'Create Email Alert' button saves your search and will send similar properties when available. 
  • You can edit the search area, like Rightmove's, by 'drawing a search' on the map view.
  • This platform displays the highest number of listings, with 1,462 properties available in London compared to Loopnet's 439.
  • Each property on the results page also displays the nearest train station, which can benefit business owners or investors looking for easily commutable commercial properties to actively use for business purposes.

Search Result Cons:

  • The search result page isn’t as extensive as Rightmove or On The Market's, and the design isn’t as clean with adverts that distract the view. 

Zoopla Listing

Search Listing Pros:

  • There is an option to check the broadband speed, which is essential for those businesses that rely on it for office work or warehouses with product distributions. 
  • Depending on the property, each listing also displays recently sold properties. The lack of sales could provide useful information for developers. 
  • Has the option to add market stats, listing history and additional links
  • Full-screen map option.
  • Displays points of interest such as train stations. 

Search Listing Cons:

  • Search listings are dull compared to other sites and lack visual elements such as icons to help improve the site's look.
  • Zoopla doesn't display how long properties have been for sale.

What to look for in a commercial property website

While all commercial property websites aim to achieve the same goal - displaying the most comprehensive list of properties to a developer, every website listed has a slightly varied approach to delivering the results. 

When you want an excellent commercial property listing website, always look for one that…

…showcases property types and sub-types

Most of the listings within this article allow you to search for property types, such as office space, hotels or industrial units. Rightmove and Loopnet are the only websites enabling you to explore more specific subtypes. For example, within retail, you would have shopping centres and garden centres; within hospitality, you would have hotels or restaurants. More specific searches can help developers or landlords quickly pinpoint the type of commercial properties they seek. 

… displays investment opportunities

Within the commercial property sector, a developer may want to know what percentage yield they could expect from a purchase and whether that purchase will become a credible asset to them in the future. Loopnet's extensive search will filter properties via yield percentages which is a beneficial resource, especially for a more seasoned developer. 

…is easy to use and fast

The commercial property search process should be streamlined, easy to use, and fast. The website should be straightforward to navigate, and the functions should be simple yet effective. An easy-to-use website will help you find the right property without complication in the quickest time possible. 

Which would we recommend for a streamlined commercial property search?

Commercial Property Websites

All of the websites mentioned in this article have some great qualities, which makes it harder to choose an overall winner. However, each one seems suited to different outcomes, with some focusing on location and others concentrating on detailed information. Despite this, all of the websites could benefit from more commercial investor/developer orientated options which would assist commercial property decisions and further increase the website's efficiency. 

So what websites performed the best if … 

you're looking to search based on potential yield and investment opportunities ...

We’d recommend Loopnet if you want to find a commercial property based on the profit potential. The filter that allows you to specify minimum and maximum yield percentages is an excellent way to seek out those investment opportunities fast. 

you're focused on location...

We'd recommend Proplist if the preciseness of a location is necessary. 

Their search function clearly shows how many properties are for sale within an area and allows you to highlight or hide the various coloured icons representing different sectors. 

you're after advanced searching capabilities ...

We'd recommend Loopnet if you are serious about looking for a particular property, such as a bed and breakfast within the hospitality sector. The amount of parameters Loopnet offers opens the possibility of quickly finding the right property with minimal effort.

you want the widest selection of functionality …

We'd recommend On The Market if you want to use a search platform that provides the most functionality and provide a deeper-dive into your investment opportunities. The 'Ask The Agent' or ‘Reserve Buyer’ features are a perfect way of striking up conversations with local agents and creating a relationship that could have long-term benefits and isn’t provided by any other website.

if you want a quick initial search to understand the opportunities for commercial investments, the current market or the density of properties within an area … 

We'd recommend Rightmove if you want to see what is currently available in a particular area. It's a simple yet great commercial property portal for initial research. It can give investors a good overall idea of the types of property available and price in their chosen area. It also allows you to enter basic details while still showing important aspects like Use Class on specific properties and which sector. 

What have these websites missed?

Commercial property developers are always on the lookout for an investment with a good ROI. Sadly, none of the websites listed have options that will help identify these types of properties with ease.

A good commercial property website, with developers in mind, will be offering functionality that allows them to see where the next investment could be, which could be tackled by offering the following functionality or tool…

Area growth monitor

Properties in high-traffic areas are more likely to attract buyers and tenants, so being able to see where the fast-growing suburbs and in-demand neighbourhoods are with an area growth monitor would be valuable for investors.

Yield calculator

Although Loopnet has a filter for the percentage of yield you’d like to see, it’s not applicable on every property. A yield calculator that would be able to work out a potential yield based on the property price and current rental value in a certain area could be really beneficial for developers. 

Filter based on investment possibilities 

Depending on the type of property, there could be multiple opportunities for commercial development. A filter that would allow you to search via the type of opportunity, such as buy-to-let or HMO, would help developers locate the right type of property more quickly. 

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