A guide to the probate process - step by step

By David Nicholson | Friday 21st January 2022 | 1 minute read

If you're unsure how probate works and are asking 'what is probate?' or 'can I do probate myself?' and are considering a DIY probate approach then this guide offers a thorough overview of the entire probate process.

Probate Guide Image

This free PDF guide covers all the topics you need to be aware of from registering a death, obtaining a death certificate, probate fees, inheritance tax forms to estate administration.

Free Probate Guide Download

The guide's chapters include:

  • Introduction to probate
  • Initial advice following a death
  • What to do when applying for a grant
  • Applying for probate – the forms
  • Dealing with assets and liabilities
  • What to do once you have the grant
  • How to deal with property
  • How to deal with inheritance tax
  • Advice for high net worth individuals
  • Resolving probate conflicts
  • The role of bridging loans
  • Glossary of probate terms

Written by someone whose recently been through the probate process, its step by step account of what you can expect when dealing with probate in the UK.

Download our free probate guide below.

Free Probate Guide Download

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