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Thursday 22nd September 2022 | 3 minute read

Over 62% of the property flipped in the UK in the last two years made £10k-£75k profit. 

In August 2022 we conducted a survey of over 1,000 people that had flipped property in the UK within the last two years. As well as flipping profitability, we’ve discovered the most popular types of property to flip, how long it takes from purchase to resale, the most common refurbishments required to get the property ready for market, and indeed whether those involved in property flipping believe now is a good time to invest in the property market.

As Stephen Clark from Finbri says, "This survey provides statistically significant data about property flipping over the last two years from the consumers' viewpoint, providing insight into the current property market from experienced property investors and first-timers."

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How much profit did most recent property flips make?

31.57% of people’s most recent property flips made £10k-£25k profit. A combined 62.45% of flips made between £10k and £75k in profit, whilst only 6.29% broke even, and just 1% of property flippers made a loss.How much profit or loss did property flippers make on their most recent property flips?

Made a loss 1.10% £101k - £200k 3.30%
Broke even 6.29% £201k - £300k 1.20%
Less than £10k 17.08% £301k - £400k 0.70%
£10k - £25k 31.57% £401k - £500k 0.70% 
£26k - £50k 31.57% £501k - £1m 0.70%
£51k - £75k 10.39% More than £1m 0.80%
£76k - £100k 5.69%    

Chart showing average profit made by Property flipping in the UK during 2020-2022

How are property flips financed?

52.75% of flips in the last 2 years were financed by savings. Investors also choose traditional mortgages (31.77%), personal loans (25.67%), development finance (12.39%) and bridging loans (12.09%) to capitalise on flipping opportunities.

Chart showing how Property Flips are financed

What are the most popular type of property to flip?

The most popular type of property flipped in the UK over the last two years has been flats or apartments located in residential blocks (44.86%), more popular than those situated above shops or commercial units (18.28%). 

Terraced property is the 2nd most flipped type of property (32.27% of flips). When combined with the popularity of flipping semi-detached (26.87%) and detached (14.19%) property, the recent increase in Google searches for “flipping houses” is understandable. According to Google, this July & August, there were a combined 32k searches compared to the previous year’s 18k, a year-on-year increase of over 77%. More and more people are showing interest in flipping houses and property.

Most popular types of properties that are flipped


How long does it take to flip property from purchase completion to resale?

Demonstrating the speed at which flips can be completed, 54.84% of people's most recent property flips were completed within four months from the point of purchase to resale, and a total of 68.23% were completed in less than six months. 

Less than 1 month 3.80% 8 - 9 months 2.90%
1 - 2 months 10.79% 9 - 10 months 2.10%
2 - 3 months 21.18% 11 - 12 months 3.70%
3 - 4 months 19.08% 12 - 18 months 1.90%
4 - 5 months 13.39%  18 - 24 months 1.60%
6 - 7 months 12.99%   More than 24 months 1.00%
7 - 8 months 5.59%    
How long does it take to flip property from purchase completion to resale?


What are the UK locations which have the most property flips?

25.27% of property flipped in the last 2 years was in the capital. Whilst it’s unsurprising that London came out on top of UK locations, the South East (17.98%), Midlands (17.48%), South West (12.99%) and North West (12.09%), all proved to be popular.

UK locations which have the most property flips

What are the most popular refurbishments completed on properties for flipping?

Whilst 10% of respondents were able to avoid any sort of refurbishment, the most popular refurb choices for flippers were new kitchens (69.53% of properties) and new bathrooms (62.64%). 

Other popular choices were redecoration (35.86%), extension (20.88%), loft conversion (17.68%), and even garage (13.49%) and basement conversions (10.29%).

What are the most popular refurbishments completed on properties for flipping

On average how much is budgeted for property refurbishments?

Most respondents (40.96%) budgeted on average £11k-£25k for refurbishments to get their property ready for market. 

Those that budgeted £26k-£50k (22.88%) were very similar in number to people that put aside less than £10k for any required refurb projects. 

how profitable property flips are

Is now a good time to invest in the UK property market?

63.04% of people that have flipped property in the last 2 years say yes it is. 

is now a good time to invest in property

As Clark concludes: “Despite soaring property prices, talk of crashes and general uncertainty, with 63% of flippers in the UK saying that they believe now is a good time to invest in the property market, combined with increasing searches on Google. it’s great to see this sentiment and property flippers still clearly see opportunities ahead for healthy profits to be made.”

Access this survey's raw data in Excel format

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Poll Title:  Property Flipping Survey 2022
Poll Objective: To gain insights into the UK property flipping market from property investors who have actively flipped property within the last 2 years.
Conducted: Aug 16 2022
All Respondents: 3,310 randomly sampled people in the UK
Qualified Respondents: 1,001
Screening Question: Have you flipped a property in the last 2 years? (A property that was bought as an investment to be sold on quickly for profit.)
Respondent Age: Aged 18+
Respondent Location:  UK
Author: Finbri
Source website:
Platform: Pollfish
Methodology: A randomised sample of 3,310, throughout the UK’s 68,592,949 population (worldometer) of which 1,001 respondents qualified. 95% confidence. 4% margin of error.
Copyright: © 2022 Finbri Limited
Media Contact: Georgia Galloway
[email protected]
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