What do people in the UK call 'bridging'?

By Georgia Galloway | Wednesday 29th June 2022 | 2 minute read

As part of our mission to better align our services to borrowers in the UK bridging market sector, we surveyed 601 people in the UK who use finance to understand how they refer to bridging.

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Most people in the UK call 'bridging' a 'bridging loan'

What do people in the UK call 'bridging'? Answers %
Bridging Loan 47.75%
Bridge Loan 19.30%
Bridging Finance 17.64%
Bridge Finance 9.32%
Other 5.99%

We surveyed 601 people in the UK who had utilised credit or a loan in the last 12 months and asked them how they typically refer to 'bridging'.

Our survey discovered the most popular term for 'bridging' in the UK is 'bridging loan' with 48% of people using it as their preferential term.

Nearly 20% of the UK call it a 'bridge loan' (19.30%), this is closely followed by 'bridging finance' (17.64%), and almost 10% of the UK refer to this type of short-term finance as 'bridge finance'.

With a broad spectrum of uses from property purchases and fixing a chain break to buying land, raising urgent funding for business and even funding property development, 'bridging' can mean different things to different people, and the name they use for this fast and super-versatile source of funds can differ.

The 4 main terms used for 'bridging':

  • Bridging loan 
  • Bridge loan
  • Bridging finance
  • Bridge finance

Awareness and demand for this type of short-term financing have grown significantly. With over 22,000 aggregated searches for the top 'bridging' terms in the UK every month;
this is a 50%* year-on-year rise, demonstrating how much demand for bridging has increased over the 12 months to June 2022.
*Stats: Google 29.06.2022

Access this survey's raw data in Excel format

Our survey statistics are available in the Microsoft Excel format. To access this please contact [email protected]

Poll Title:  Bridging Terminology Report 2022
Poll Objective: To gain insights into UK consumer terminology who have used finance 
Conducted: June 29, 2022
Qualified Respondents: 601
Screening Question:

What types of finance have you used?

Business loans
Credit cards
Development finance
Doorstep loans
Hire purchase loans
Loans from friends or family
Online buy now pay later (instalment loans such as Klarna)
Payday loans
Personal loans
Pre-arranged bank overdrafts
Un-arranged bank overdrafts
Wage advances from your employer
None of the above

Respondent Age: Aged 18+
Respondent Location:  UK
Author: Finbri
Source website:  https://www.finbri.co.uk/
Platform: Pollfish
Methodology: A randomised sample throughout the UK’s 68,926,840 population (worldometer) of which 601 respondents qualified. 
Copyright: © 2022 Finbri Limited
Media Contact: Georgia Galloway
[email protected]
01202 612937
Credit Requirement: You must credit Finbri when republishing any part of these statistics.

If you have any media enquiries, or require an accessible unlocked version of this excel file, please in the first instance email [email protected]
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