Bridging Loan for Property in Salcombe

The picturesque coastal town of Salcombe in the South Hams district of Devon is a highly sought-after location for property buyers and investors.

Sunrise over Salcome Town south Devon UK. Dozens of boats are in the sea and properties line the beautiful coast.

It has recently been named the UK's most expensive seaside town to buy property.

Salcombe is known for being a beautiful location within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it's home to sandy beaches, outstanding coastal views and stunning surrounding countryside. The pandemic saw a surge in families looking to relocate from London and city life and move to Salcombe, and house prices tend to range from £750,000 to £5 million.

Prices across Devon have risen significantly, an increase of 123% between 2012 and 2022 and the average property in Salcombe is now over £1.2 million, beating Sandbanks' average price of £950,000.

Its popularity with locals and those looking to move to Salcombe make it an aspirational location, and competition for family property and holiday homes is fierce.

How can a South West bridging loan be used to purchase property? Our guide explains all.

The Appeal of Salcombe as a Property Investment Destination

Salcombe is more than just a pretty coastal town in Devon. Its stunning scenery and the range of facilities and sights make Salcombe an attractive option for property investors.

The Beaches Of Salcombe

Salcombe is home to stunning beaches. From sandy South Sands beach to pebbly North Sands beach – they're perfect for picnics, building sandcastles, or relaxing and soaking up the sun.

With so much to offer, it's easy to see why Salcombe is an appealing property investment destination. It caters to holidaymakers and provides permanent residents with a rich quality of life.

South Sands Ferry

The South Sands Ferry is a delightful way to get around in Salcombe. It's not only practical but also offers breathtaking views of the estuary. Owning property here means easy access to this charming mode of transport.

Dinghy Sailing and Boat Hire

Salcombe has plenty of options if you're into water sports or fancy trying something new. You can hire boats from places like Whitestrand Quay or even learn dinghy sailing at one of several schools.

Maritime Museum

Culture seekers won't be disappointed either. The town boasts an interesting history reflected through exhibits at the Maritime Museum.

Popular Residential Areas in Salcombe

Situated in the South Hams district of Devon, Salcombe is a haven for property buyers due to its charming coastal setting and picturesque streets. Consider looking into these noteworthy locations when purchasing a property.


The bustling market town of Kingsbridge sits at the top end of the estuary, making it an attractive option for those seeking proximity to amenities without sacrificing natural beauty. The area offers a mix of historic houses alongside more modern developments, catering to diverse tastes.

Besides that, it's home to many excellent schools, such as Kingsbridge Community College, which makes it perfect if you have children or plan on starting a family soon. Local markets are brimming with fresh produce, and independent shops are adding character and charm.

Frogmore and Sherford

A little further from Salcombe but still within easy reach are Frogmore and Sherford. These quaint villages provide peace away from busier spots yet remain accessible via well-maintained roads. Homes here often boast generous garden spaces - ideal for those who value outdoor living.

You'll also enjoy access to beautiful walking trails through lush countryside landscapes around Frogmore Creek, which offers stunning views year-round.

Courtlands & North Sands

If beachside living is your dream, look no further than Courtlands & North Sands. Located near famous beaches like Mill Bay Beach (known for being child-friendly thanks to its shallow waters,) these neighbourhoods offer homes with breathtaking sea views.

From modern beach houses to traditional stone cottages, you'll find a variety of properties here. This is also the perfect spot for sailing enthusiasts due to its proximity to Salcombe Yacht Club.

The town centre

Salcombe's town centre, situated at the heart of everything, is perfect if you're after convenience. Here, amenities like shops and restaurants are just a short stroll away. Leisure facilities abound. And let's not forget about the stunning waterfront - an absolute highlight that truly sets this place apart.

Understanding Bridging Loans

A bridging loan, simply put, is a short-term funding option. It's the Swiss Army knife of property finance because it fills the gap when you need funds fast.

Bridging loans are unique because they're designed to help you complete your property purchase quickly. Unlike mortgages that take months to finalise, Finbri's bridging loans could be in your account within days. So, if there's a Salcombe property with breathtaking views and you want it now, a bridging loan might let you get ahead of other buyers.

Different Types: Open Vs Closed Bridging Loans

There are two main types of bridging loans: open and closed. An open bridging loan has no fixed repayment deadline, though you'll typically be expected to settle it within 12 months.

A closed bridging loan, on the other hand, has a set end date for your repayments. This is typically used when you've exchanged contracts on a property sale and know when you'll get the money to repay the loan.

Why Bridging Loans are Ideal for Property Purchase in Salcombe

When you're eyeing a property purchase in the beautiful coastal town of Salcombe, time is often of the essence. That's where bridging loans come into play.

Bridging loans or short-term finance options can be a lifesaver when speed matters. Traditional mortgages can take weeks or months to get approved, but bridging loans allow you to have funds within days. This makes them perfect for snapping up properties before others touch them.

The Flexibility Advantage

A key strength of bridging loans is their flexibility. Unlike traditional lenders who may impose restrictions on how borrowed money is used, bridging loan providers usually let borrowers operate the funds as they see fit - whether buying an auctioned property or refurbishing your dream home in Salcombe.

Most high street lenders require monthly payments over a long period, so it might not suit everyone's circumstances. But that isn't an issue with bridging loans, which allow interest roll-up where all repayment dues are settled at once at term-end – freeing cash flow during loan tenure.

Rapid Approval and Release

 From application to receipt of funds, it can often be completed within days rather than weeks, essential if needing swift action such as securing that picturesque harbour-view house before someone else does.

Advantage Against Buying Competition

If you're up against time or other buyers, a bridging loan could give you the edge you need. It can help ensure your deal goes through smoothly in places like Salcombe, where property competition is intense.

Benefits of Using a Bridging Loan

Bridging loans can offer you unique advantages when purchasing property in Salcombe. Their benefits often overshadow traditional financing options like mortgages, especially for those who need funds quickly or for short-term use.

Speed and Efficiency

A key benefit of bridging loans is their speed. Unlike typical bank loans that may take weeks, bridging loan applications are usually processed within days. This quick turnaround time lets you secure the property deal without delay, ensuring you don't miss out on your dream home because of lengthy financial processes. Learn more about the speed of bridging loans here.


Bridging finance offers flexibility that traditional lenders might not give you. With no fixed repayment terms and interest rates often rolled up into the loan amount, this form of lending fits perfectly with varied investment strategies - whether renovating a run-down cottage or building from scratch on a vacant plot.

Renovation Potential

If your eyes are set on a 'fixer-upper,' bridging finance could be just what you need to bring your vision to life. Find out how others have renovated properties using these flexible finances here. You get access to necessary funding before starting renovations, so there's no waiting around while money gets sorted.

No Upfront Monthly Payments Required

An appealing aspect for many borrowers is that they're not obliged to make monthly repayments during the term if they choose roll-up interest – letting them focus solely on the property purchase or renovation.

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