Using a Bridging Loan for Property Purchase in the Dordogne

By Georgia Galloway | Friday 6th October 2023 | 3 minute read

Bridging Loan For Property In The Dordogne is a short-term finance option that could be your golden key to unlocking those French countryside doors.

View of the historic village center of Saint-Cyprien, Dordogne, with traditional brown stone houses

Get the lowdown on why Dordogne is the place to invest, and see how bridging loans can give you speed, flexibility, and great rates.

Why Choose the Dordogne for Property Investment

The Dordogne, nestled in South West France, offers a unique blend of opportunities for property investment. It's an appealing mix of tranquillity and accessibility that draws overseas buyers.

Dotted with picturesque villages and main conurbations like Périgueux, Bergerac, and Sarlat, it's not hard to see why people are keen on buying property here. But what makes this region stand out?

Exploring the Property Market in the Dordogne

This area boasts an enticing property market offering a range of residential options, from quaint cottages to expansive chateaux. This variety allows potential investors to find something fitting their budget and taste.

Add health systems plus robust education facilities into this mix - you have yourself quite possibly one perfect place to invest and live comfortably. It isn't surprising that so many choose life over city hustle when they could enjoy both benefits right here within these French borders instead.

Best Locations to Buy Property in the Dordogne

The French region of Dordogne, nestled within south-west France, offers diverse residential and commercial property investment options. It's essential to identify the top spots if you plan to purchase property for either holidaying or rental income.

Périgueux: The Capital of Dordogne
Périgueux, with its rich history and bustling market-leading life, is an ideal place if you fancy living in a city while enjoying countryside views. It offers plenty of auction properties that bridging loans can easily finance.

Bergerac: The Wine City
Famous for wine production and picturesque landscapes, this area attracts many overseas buyers who use bridging finance services when purchasing properties.

Sarlat: A Medieval Gem
Sarlat remains popular among those wanting to dive into medieval charm. With its preserved architectural heritage and gastronomic delights such as foie gras markets – buying here could prove profitable given the influx of tourists each year.

Villages Offering Charming Views:

  • Monflanquin: Known as one of France’s most beautiful villages; perfect for rural retreats.
  • Daglan: Located near Sarlat; famous for stone houses along narrow streets.
  • Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang: Offers stunning river views making it a great choice for peace seekers.

Benefits of Using a Bridging Loan to Purchase Property in the Dordogne

Bridging loans are an effective short-term finance solution that lets you secure properties quickly with competitive rates starting from just 0.44% per month.

The Speed Factor
With bridging loans, finance within seven working days is possible, depending on circumstances. This means no more missing out due to mortgage delays or prolonged sales agreement processes.

Bridges Are Flexible
When we talk about bridging loans for buying property in France or anywhere else really – flexibility takes centre stage. You can use these bridge loans for various types, such as residential purchases, buy-to-let investments, or even heavy refurbishment projects that require expertise.

In addition to offering interest roll-up options and considering alternative assets for security purposes, large bridging loans range from £50k up to millions, catering to small-scale buyers and big-time investors alike.

Competitive Rates
In the property market, every penny counts. And when it comes to bridging loans, competitive rates are part of the package. With rates starting from as low as 0.44% per month and terms ranging from three months up to three years with LTVs up to 80%, these loans make your money work harder for you.

Exploring Alternative Sources of Finance for Property Purchase

Mortgages: Traditional but Reliable
Mortgages remain popular among those looking for long-term finance options. They may take longer than bridging loans due to more stringent checks by lenders; however, they offer lower interest rates over the longer term and are available from local French banks and international providers catering to overseas buyers.

Equity Release: Unlocking Home Value
If you're already a homeowner, releasing equity can provide additional capital for buying another house without needing private bank backing or taking out large bridging loans. This involves unlocking some of the value in your current residence while still retaining ownership – perfect if rental income forms part of your financial strategy.

We're experienced financial experts who arrange short-term bridging loans for property owners, securing you the best deal from over 200 bridging loan providers, including private investors and family offices.

If you're undecided about buying property specifically in the Dordogne and would like to consider some different locations for property investment in Europe, discover our complete guide to buying property in France.

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