A quarter of UK renters experiencing poor property conditions

By Georgia Galloway | Wednesday 1st March 2023 | 2 minute read

A survey conducted by Finbri discovered that 24.98% have experienced poor property conditions - but 12.89% felt unable to complain for fear they may be evicted. 

Damp in rental property

Our survey of over 1,000 UK renters discovered that 24.98% experienced poor property conditions. This can range from damp and mould, infestations of pests or safety concerns with gas appliances. Almost 1 in 4 UK renters live in what they deem to be poor & unacceptable conditions. 

This survey also revealed that 12.89% felt unable to complain for fear they may be evicted - showing how the current rental market could be said to empower landlords.

What’s included in the term ‘poor conditions’ in a property?

Whilst the term ‘poor conditions’ about a property could mean one thing to one person and an entirely different thing to another, it tends to include a range of issues such as damp and mould, infestations of pests, safety concerns with gas appliances, or structural damage to the property. It can also include poor maintenance and repair of the property, inadequate heating or lighting, or even landlords not meeting their legal obligations. 

Poor property conditions can considerably impact the well-being of tenants, with many feeling unable to report it for fear of eviction.

Tenants avoid contacting landlords for fear of retaliation

The survey results suggest that many tenants are too afraid to contact their landlords over the poor quality of their property. They felt they were...

  • Unable to complain about poor conditions for fear it might lead to eviction (12.89%)
  • Unable to complain about poor conditions for fear it might lead to rent increases (12.69%) 

Concerns faced by tenants

Our survey discovered that tenants are experiencing a substantial range of issues regarding their rental property or situation; this includes: 

  • Problems with damp or mould (33.37%)
  • Anxiety due to renting (27.07%)
  • Poor property conditions (24.98%)
  • Excessive delays on maintenance repair work (22.08%)
  • Unresolved maintenance issues (21.48%)
  • Frustration due to renting (21.48%)
  • Unaffordable increases in rent (19.38%)
  • Ignored by a landlord or letting agent (18.78%)
  • Excessive delays in communication responses (15.68%)
  • Threat of eviction (11.59%)
  • Security deposits not being returned in part (10.89%)
  • Security deposits not being returned in full (10.89%)
  • Difficulties with tenancy renewal (10.69%)
  • Harassment from landlord or letting agent (8.39%)

The overall consensus from renters is that they cannot complain about their property situation if they are subjected to consequences, ranging from rental increases to eviction. 

But with landlords facing issues over increased rates, renters and landlords have never needed each other more.

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